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Batch 2 Has Arrived!

Riding the coat tails of our first award winning bourbon blend, our second bourbon blend has arrived in stores. The new Hayner blend can be identified by the blue top strap with a batch 2 stamp.

Blend 2 also comes in at 90 proof and you will find it very similar and almost indistinguishable from blend 1. Blend 2 definitely brings more almond, oak and cinnamon notes up front with toasted pecans, caramel and vanilla on the finish.

Hayner Bourbon blend 1 won many awards and we look forward to blend 2 bringing home even more medals:

- GOLD award at the 2021 John Barleycorn Spirits Competition

-SILVER award at the 2021 New York World and Wine Competition.

-SILVER award at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The GOLD medal is reserved for the best bourbon in their category.  The judges commented, “Nose has a nice balance of sweet and spiced notes, with generous heaps of peanuts. The “dry and tight” palate follows suit, adding a sweet apple note. The finish is long and lovely, rich caramel overlaid with dry oak.”

To win a SILVER medal at the prestigious 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition is an incredible achievement. The competition places you against the best of the best in every category and we are proud to be awarded the SILVER medal against the best in the world. 


Hayner Straight Bourbon Whiskey (blend 2) is a blend of 10-year-old Kentucky bourbon with carefully-selected 6 and 4 year bourbons.  To create our second blend, we  worked with Bardstown Bourbon Company to create a blend complimentary to the first blend and the original profile. 


(In May of 2022 Bardstown Bourbon Company distilled 300 barrels for Hayner Distilling. While these barrels age 4 to 6 years, we will continue working with Bardstown to source and blend Hayner whiskey.

Retail Price $59.95
Hayner Barrels

300 Hayner bourbon barrels aging in Warehouse G at Bardstown Bourbon Company.

90 PROOF  /  750ML


40% Kentucky 13 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 74% / Rye 18% / Malted Barley 8%

25% Bardstown Bourbon Co. 4  Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 78%  / Rye 10% / Malted Barley 12%

20% MGPI 4 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 51% / Wheat 45% / Malted Barley 4%

15% Bardstown Bourbon Co. 3 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 60% / Rye 40%


65% Kentucky 10 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 78% / Rye 13% / Malted Barley 9%

12% BBC's Green River 6  Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 70%  / Rye 21% / Malted Barley 9%

12% Bardstown Bourbon Co.6  Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 78% / Rye 10% / Malted Barley 12%

11% BBC's Green River 4  Year Bourbon

MASH BILL:  Corn 70% / Wheat 21% / Malted Barley 9%

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