The Rebirth of Hayner

In 1866 Lewis Hayner founded the Hayner Distilling Co in Troy, Ohio. Over the next 50 years, Hayner Distilling grew to be one of the largest distilleries in Ohio and the largest mail order whiskey business in the United States. Known for their superior quality, Hayner Whiskey and Bourbon were the preferred drinks across the country.

In 1920 the National Prohibition Act was passed by the United States Congress. The production, sale and transport of alcohol became illegal in the United States. Like all large distilleries, Hayner Distilling closed their doors. The distillery was dismantled, the barrels axed open and all of the bottles destroyed.

Now, 100 years later, the Hayner Distilling Co. has been resurrected. From a few surviving bottles, Hayner Whiskey and Bourbon are born again.

The Inspiration

Hayner Cultural Center

The road to relaunching Hayner Distilling began in 2018.  After completing the  Kentucky Bourbon Trail, founders Greg Taylor and Andrew Wannemacher revisited the Hayner Whiskey Museum at the Hayner Cultural Center in Troy, Ohio. The history and the amazing story of the Hayner Distilling Company inspired the journey to relaunch the iconic Hayner brand.

It took over two years to obtain all the permits and financing.  A decision was made to partner with Bardstown Bourbon Company in Bardstown, Kentucky to create the first Hayner Whiskey blend.



The Blend

Bardstown Bourbon Company
(more to come)