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Most State Liquor stores in the Miami Valley carry Hayner Bourbon and Hayner Rye. If your favorite store does not carry Hayner, we appreciate your help in encouraging them to stock it.


Hayner ORIGINAL Rye is only available at our distillery store at 619 Lincoln Avenue in Troy. See the hours below.

You can use the links below to check inventory of the store near you.


Hayner Bourbon



Hayner Rye


You can also purchase Hayner Bourbon, Hayner Rye and Hayner Original Rye along with other merchandise at Hayner Distilling on Saturdays between 12 and 3 pm (see more info on hours below). 

Visit Us - Distillery Hours and Location

We are by law a distillery, but please note we do not distill large quantities on-site. Our current facility is mainly setup to hand bottle and label our whiskey.  It's a small space but we're very proud of it and welcome all visitors as we love to share our story and the history of Hayner Distilling.  

We are open every Saturday from 12-3 pm (see more info on hours below) for sales of our whiskey and other merchandise.  If you want to commemorate a special date such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday, you can also stamp your Hayner Whiskey with that date at our facility.  

We currently only bottle a few times each month, but we will also post those dates when available on this page.

Open hours:

Saturday, January 8 open 12 - 3 pm

Saturday, January 15 open 12 - 3 pm

Saturday, January 22 open 12 - 3 pm

Saturday, January 29 open 12 - 5 pm (Launch of Hayner Original Rye!)

 (If you cannot visit during our open hours, or want to schedule a visit for your group on another day, please use the Contact Us form below and we will find a day for  your visit.)

Next Bottling Date:

Nothing currently scheduled

619 Lincoln Avenue
Troy, Ohio 45373

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