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Path of Totality

A once in a lifetime event like the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, deserves a once in a lifetime bourbon. Introducing Hayner Path of Totality Bourbon. 

This is not your everyday bourbon, or your everyday bourbon bottle.  First, the bourbon is a 10 year old Kentucky bourbon with a rare 75c/13r/9B mash bill.  Offered at 100 proof you will experience sweet notes of cinnamon, spice, vanilla and a touch of oak.

To compliment this amazing bourbon, we designed the first ever illuminated bourbon label with augmented reality. The front label illuminates with a tap of a buttonThe label resembles the totality phase of the solar eclipse and the “sun” can be turned on and off with a click of a button. You get to experience your own mini eclipse over and over again.

We then took it a step further and the back label contains a QR code that utilizes augmented reality so you can see the bottle virtually within your environment. To experience augmented reality with your phone follow this link.

Path of Totality is a limited state wide release of only 1500 bottles.  Path is available now at Hayner Distilling and 29 state liquor stores, all located within the Path of Totality.

Follow this link for an interactive map showing all 29 state liquor stores.

Retail Price: $89.95

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