hayner rye whiskey


It's all in the family

To relaunch Hayner after 100 years, we knew the labels had to be different and pay respect to the Hayner family. 


The Hayner Whiskey labels reimagine the traditional whiskey labels and tell an important story.


First, the bourbon label includes the portrait of a lady which is very rare on bourbon bottles. While we cannot say it is the only bourbon label with a female, we have yet to find another.  It was important to include a female because throughout the history of Hayner, women played a significant role.  The most prominent is Mary Jane Hayner who was married to William Hayner. When Mary Jane passed, she bequeathed her mansion to the Troy School District and her house served as the city library for 33 years.  The mansion, called the Hayner Cultural Center, now serves as a community arts center.

The lady on the label also features the likeness Mary Isabel Hayner, William Hayner's only child.  Isabel was born August 22, 1897 when her dad William was president of Hayner Distilling.

William Hayner, seen on the Rye Whiskey label, became president of Hayner in 1892 when the founder, his uncle, Lewis Hayner passed away.  The label includes a drawing of the original Hayner Distillery and barrel house he presided over for 20 years.  At one point, Hayner Distilling had over 150,000 barrels of whiskey aging along the Great Miami River in Troy, Ohio.  William served as President of Hayner until his passing in 1912. Isabel would have been 15 years old when her father passed away. 


The bottles, when placed side by side, complete the story and allow William to offer one last toast to his beloved daughter Isabel.