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Hayner Old Trojan Bourbon

The classic is back!


Hayner Old Trojan Bourbon Whiskey was first released around 1896. Hayner has resurrected the Old Trojan Bourbon name after 127 years.


Old Trojan Bourbon is back as part of the Hayner Vintage Series. Our Vintage Series features historic Hayner labels from 1866-1920. Today's Old Trojan Bourbon features an almost identical label that Hayner used in 1896.


Old Trojan Bourbon is a 10 year old bourbon bottled at 100 proof and a mash bill of 78/13/9.  Tasting notes include nuts with caramel and vanilla, slight oak, and it finishes with a sweet buttery note.


Only one barrel was bottled and it produced 175 bottles.

Retail Price $69.95 


Hayner Old Trojan Bourbon is only available at our distillery located at 619 Lincoln Ave in Troy, Ohio.

Click here to view our open hours.

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The Hayner Vintage Series includes three great whiskeys with historic Hayner labels.


Hayner Original Rye (shown on the left) is in a label from 1910. Hayner Original Rye features a 6 year double barreled Rye whiskey bottled at 90 proof.

Hayner Original Rye is also offered in a classic Hayner jug from 1890. This one liter jug and label are an exact recreation of a Hayner jug of whiskey from 1890. The jugs are hand made in our building by Artistic Earth Pottery.

Hayner Old Trojan Bourbon, released in the fall of 2023, is an iconic Hayner brand brought back after 127 years. Old Trojan Bourbon offers a 10 year Kentucky bourbon and is bottled at 100 proof. 

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