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Digital Certificate of Authenticity

The First Bottle of Hayner Bourbon


Hayner's Straight Bourbon Whiskey features a blend of 13-year-old Kentucky bourbon with carefully-selected 4 and 3 year bourbons.  To create our first blend, we sampled and analyzed original 120 year old Hayner whiskey and worked with Bardstown Bourbon Company to create a blend complimentary to the original profile.  Lewis Hayner would be very proud of our first release bearing his name.


The first notes consists of bright cherry, graham cracker, and a touch of black pepper finishing with rich caramel and deep oak. A smooth, balanced mouthfeel builds to a lasting finish of sweetness and baking spice. 

Retail Price $59.95
90 PROOF  /  750ML


40% Kentucky 13 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 74% / Rye 18% / Malted Barley 8%

25% Bardstown Bourbon Co. 4  Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 78%  / Rye 10% / Malted Barley 12%

20% MGPI 4 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 51% / Wheat 45% / Malted Barley 4%

15% Bardstown Bourbon Co. 3 Year Bourbon

MASH BILL: Corn 60% / Rye 40%

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