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Jan. 29.

BORN 1866 - BORN AGAIN 2021

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Hayner Original Rye Whiskey Launches Saturday January 29

We are excited to announce that Hayner Original 6 Year Rye Whiskey will launch on Saturday, January 29th at noon.  Our first Hayner Rye was a blend of 4 and 6 year Rye barrels.  That blend recently won a Double Gold medal, the highest award possible, at the prestigious John Barleycorn Spirits Competition in New York. To create Hayner Original Rye, we took the best 6 year barrels from our first blend, and bottled them straight at 90 proof.  These 6 Year barrels create a rich and smooth Rye that we know will soon win it's own awards.

Hayner Original Rye is the first whiskey in our Vintage Series.  Hayner Original Rye features a 1910 Hayner label almost word for word.  Hayner Original Rye bottles are hand numbered and the first 1,000 will go on sale Saturday, January 29 at noon at 619 Lincoln Ave in Troy.  Bottle number 1 is being donated to the Hayner Whiskey Museum inside the Hayner-Cultural Center but all other bottles will be sold in numerical order on Saturday, January 29 at noon. 


Hayner Distilling is proud to announce that Hayner Rye and Hayner Bourbon have won multiple awards in two prestigious spirits competitions! (See, we told you this stuff was good.) Hayner Bourbon won a GOLD Medal at the John Barleycorn Awards and a SILVER medal at the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition.  Hayner Rye was awarded a DOUBLE GOLD, the highest award given, at the John Barleycorn Awards.  These blind judging competitions are considered the most respected judging events in the USA. Medals are only awarded to the best whiskeys in their category, and GOLD medals are reserved for the best of the best in their categories. It's an honor to win these medals with the first release of Hayner Whiskey in over 100 years.  It truly does taste good to be back!


155 years ago Lewis Hayner opened a small distillery on the banks of the Miami River in Troy, Ohio. Hayner Distilling grew into one of the largest distilleries in Ohio and the largest mail order whiskey business in America. Known for their superior Bourbon and Ryes, Hayner was shipped directly to doorsteps all across America.  Like all distilleries, Hayner Distilling closed in 1920 with prohibition.  100 years later, Hayner Distilling has been reborn! From a few surviving bottles we analyzed the original whiskey and working with Bardstown Bourbon Company created a blend complimentary to the original Hayner. 

We know Lewis would be proud as we share Hayner's history with a new generation of whiskey drinkers and once again bottle incredible tasting whiskey near those same river banks.

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